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Kayaking on Lake Ontario

Working from home in the city right now, I spend more time than I'd like my boss to know looking up canoe routes and planning trips for the fall when I can take some more time off.

I've been trying to throw adventure into my life on almost a daily basis, be it a bike ride, a paddle, a run, whatever. It's necessary for a high-energy adventure-driven person like me right now after months on end of lockdowns in Toronto.

This week, I decided to take us kayaking on Lake Ontario. Funny enough, any time my girlfriend is at work, it's sunny and beautiful. As soon she leaves her clinic, the sun disappears, so naturally after being sunny all day the clouds flooded the sky right when we prepared to start paddling.

While she was a bit bummed about the sun, it made for the most EPIC shot. The wind was blowing the water towards her kayak, the clouds almost looked as if they were trying their best to frame her, so I held on to my camera for dear life and snapped this shot.

Take a look at some of the other shots from our time on the water:


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