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2023 Reel: The Power of Story



©Graham Perry

Algonquin Park, Ontario

Mitch began his career by borrowing money for a professional camera after being told about conservation efforts falling on deaf ears close to home and wanting to make an impactful documentary to draw attention to the issues in question. With no budget, no team and minimal gear, he produced his first documentary which was accepted into multiple film festivals and independent screenings throughout Ontario. Taking part in multiple panels, Mitch saw firsthand how science communication can empower community action. 

That film was the catalyst to make the move to a full-time filmmaker in 2022 after years of working in multimedia production for non-profits and news agencies. Since then Mitch has gone on to both direct and shoot a wide-range of productions from a television show with Global Heroes to independent documentaries and commercial work all with the goal in mind of creating impactful work.


Mitch's technical training in crevasse-rescue, mountaineering, glacial travel, whitewater canoeing and wilderness first aid mixed alongside his experience both guiding and completing multi-day expeditions in all four-seasons allows him to work comfortably in the harshest environments on planet Earth. His work has spanned productions from Canada's subarctic to the humid jungles of Guatemala's Maya Biosfera and the Amazon Rainforest. 


His love for wild places and the natural world has led to developing the necessary skills of a natural history cinematographer. Mitch is a licenced drone operator, proficient with long lenses, gimbal systems, tracking shots, verité-style following shots, timelapses and location sound recording. 

Mitch is just as comfortable setting up a rig in a blind to wait for wildlife as he is traversing through remote terrain as a member of an expedition. He can trace his love for natural history back to gifts from his grandfather which included a subscription to National Geographic Kids and books by both Farley Mowatt and Jack London.


2023 | Director & Location Sound Mixer, It's a Beautiful World Episodes 2 & 3

2023 | Honourable Mention Environmental and Migration Film Festival, Conserving Catchacoma

2023 | Cinematographer, More Than 350, In Production

2022 | Best Adventure Short SOAR Film Festival, Off The Couch

2022 | Semifinalist Films For The Forest, Conserving Catchacoma

2022 | Panelist, The Earth Sustains Us, ReFrame Film Festival

2022 | Presenter, Patagonia Toronto, Conserving Catchacoma

2017 | Graduated Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson) Bachelor of Journalism Program



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