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Mitch Bowmile is a documentary cinematographer and director base in Toronto, Ontario focusing on stories that explore our connection to the natural world.

From the frigid cold of the subarctic to the humid jungles of Guatemala and the Amazon Rainforest, Mitch has brought a critical eye for detailed imagery and in-depth storytelling to productions across the globe. His work has been seen on networks including Amazon Prime and Crave, has been screened at film festivals across North America, and has sparked conversation and impacted positive change through participation in conferences and panels. 


Mitch has a passion for work that ignites discussion, challenges perspectives and deepens our understanding of complex subject matter through intentional storytelling.

Passionate about projects that intersect history, culture, conservation, natural history, exploration and occasionally sport, Mitch’s work often takes him to the most remote corners of the globe. His experience as a leader in remote environments makes him an asset to both natural history productions and expedition film teams.  Mitch has led and embarked on multi-day expeditions in harsh terrain all over the globe spanning mountaineering, whitewater paddling, cycling and high altitude trekking. Mitch is equipped to support productions that take place in the planet’s most extreme conditions.

Whether filming wildlife behaviours, crafting beautiful natural history sequences or working with local communities on cultural pieces, you can expect stunning visuals and journalistic integrity in Mitch’s work.

His journalism background, cinematography skillset and remote wilderness experience blend together to make him an asset on any production looking to tell authentic stories in remote, wild locations.



  • Drone Pilot Certification - Basic Operations 

  • Experienced with handheld gimbal systems (DJI)  for verité-style follow shots, tracking shots and dynamic movement 

  • Experienced operating long-lenses

  • Experience working with wildlife in remote terrain

  • Experience shooting timelapses

  • Experience working as Location Sound Mixer 

  • Experience working in Indigenous communities and on stories that involve Indigenous narratives


  • Glacier Travel, Crevasse Rescue and Mountaineering Training (12-day mountaineering course with Alaska Mountaineering School) 

  • Completed several expeditions through remote terrain in extreme weather by ski, snowshoe, bike, and canoe

  • Whitewater Canoeing (5-day tandem whitewater course Madwaska Kanu Centre) 

  • Lead several expeditions as a wilderness guide through remote terrain in all four-seasons

  • Standard First Aid & NLS Certified 

  • CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)


  • Honourable Mention International Migration & Environmental Film Festival, Conserving Catchacoma

  • Best Adventure Short SOAR Film Festival, Off The Couch

  • Semifinalist Films For The Forest, Conserving Catchacoma


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